eDoorways Corp. today announced that it has increased the potential of immediate exposure to over 20 million online users throughout other regions of the world, particularly Latin America, Spain and Portugal, through a consulting agreement the company has signed with Professor Ramiro Jordan, founder of ISTEC (Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium), adding him to the company’s Leadership Team.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation, stated, “The potential of eDoorways in Latin America and the Iberos is huge. Professor Jordan’s research focuses on multidimensional signal processing, wired and wireless communications, embedded systems and entrepreneurship, which are all of interest to us and our various doorways. He serves on many advisory boards of high-tech companies throughout the Ibero-American region. His personal connections, professional accomplishments and international reputation will be of immense value to eDoorways as we grow our business; and there is no question that eDoorways stands to be a player on a World stage in 2010 by this marriage.”

Professor Jordan founded the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC) in 1990 as a spinoff of UNM. Since then it has become one of the largest non-profit consortia in the Americas focused on improving the quality of life through education. ISTEC’s objective is to create best-in-class alliances among participants.

Professor Jordan is also involved in other organizations such as the Engineering for the Americas, and the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies. EftA has become a priority of all heads of state of the Latin and Caribbean region to enhance the engineering profession for the generation of wealth. IFEES has similar goals to EftA but on a global scale. In addition, he has been adviser to several Latin American and Caribbean ambassadors to the United Nations in the areas of science, technology and entrepreneurship.

The original intent of eDoorways was to create a relationship with Professor Jordan that would allow the company to push the agenda of its second doorway, “LEARN.” This objective became a reality when eDoorways accepted ISTEC’s invite to demonstrate at ISTEC’s 17th annual General Assembly, held the week of October 26 – 30, 2009, on the Campus of the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque, NM – USA. There, where the theme was “Using Technology to Enable Collaboration, and Collaboration to Advance Science and Technology,” eDoorways discussed the possibilities of “SOLVE” and demonstrated the “LEARN” doorway as well as the eSee device. The esteemed educational, political and corporate guests quickly became absorbed with what the general platform of eDoorways could mean for education, business, medicine and law enforcement, both domestically and internationally.

“Through this relationship with Professor Jordan, where eDoorways currently has pre-registered users of close to 2,000 persons in Austin alone, suddenly we’d have immediate exposure to 20 plus million prospective users, with several of those being domestic, as a captive audience,” says Kimmons. “Talk about going viral. A relationship originally intended for our learning initiative, now fosters an unprecedented amount of support to the growth ‘SOLVE.’ It also introduces us to an international market for mobile applications and connectivity devices that give people globally the ability to do business, solve problems, learn, create, play and engage in a whole host of other innate activities in ‘real-time’ with users on the other side of the world. This is the promise of the Jordan ISTEC relationship… the potential power of eDoorways.”

Professor Jordan said, “eDoorways has found a way to bring true value to social networking. Part of ISTEC’s mission and of my own personal interests is to develop both social and commercial entrepreneurship in Ibero-America. Social entrepreneurs are those who will lead social development, and their commercial counterparts will provide the jobs and economic progress needed for the future development of the region. eDoorways’ platform directly and elegantly addresses these communities in a seamless and functional way.”

It has been indicated by those close the company that by adding Professor Jordan to the eDoorways Leadership Team, the company has further fortified its growing potential to become a serious player in the technology world. By harnessing the strength of ISTEC’s 20,000 faculty and staff members, 120 universities and 20 million plus users, “SOLVE,” “LEARN,” and the eSee device could achieve unimaginable success.

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