Social networking has come a long way. Before computers, the original way to network was through physical social interaction. Whether it was a party or function or other social activities such as camping with friends and family, these were very important activities that promoted social growth. These were all wonderful ways to socially interact but without trade, commerce and physical movement from town to town and/or country to country, the happenings within these areas stayed in these areas.

The main form of communication was prompted by horseback and messengers. Travelers who moved through towns brought with them stories of their experiences from faraway towns and distant lands. The next generation of communication opened up a whole new world to stay in touch, the telegraph which leads to the telephone.

Even with these technological advancements, social interaction on a broad scale could only be found through a “conference call” setting. For the everyday person, this was not possible, but with the advent of computers, the world is together in an instant. The hassle of traveling or calling short/long distances was been replaced by the convenience of sitting at your computer. The beauty of this is that we can literally interact with the rest of the world at any time of the day or night in a real time setting. Companies that offer ways to reconnect with old friends and family and meet new ones have made it extremely easy for us.

Things are moving so fast that the next generation of social interaction is already a reality. There is now a web-based service designed solely for America’s “net-generation” of computer users. eDOORWAYS is its name and the company is expected to have such a strong impact on the computer social networking industry that investors are rushing in to get a piece of the pie. This service has punched a hole through what is offered right now. It offers advanced ways for businesses and consumers to exchange ideas, services and products locally, regionally and globally. This excels the rate of advanced problem solving, enhances learning capabilities, and assists in completing designs and concepts.

The once “hard to find” information pertaining to your concept or idea can be replaced with this easy to use platform. eDOORWAYS is by far the most technologically advanced platform for computer based social interaction, and by the looks of it, the door is wide open.

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