eDoorways Corp. today announced that it has added a “Recent Developments” tab to the navigation bar of its corporate website, this past Thursday, December 31st, 2009. The Recent Developments section provides users and investors with descriptions of some exciting new upgrades and features coming to the PowerKeys, chat and top menu functionality. The added section also offers a look at what the interface of the first doorway’s Dashboard will ultimately look like once “SOLVE” is fully functional.

“What people must remember is that ‘SOLVE,’ in the beginning, had a very robust yet much more complex GUI as demonstrated by the original screen grabs found on the old corporate website,” stated Kimmons. “Developed two years earlier, at the time it represented what the market was seeking in relation to what was out there at that time. However, given the continuous and rapidly changing face of technology, our focus group testing in October of ‘09 presented us with a different outlook.”

Kimmons added, “We were requested to simplify the layout and design of the Dashboard due to concerns of the site being too busy and difficult to navigate. This left us with less than 90 days to make all of the necessary base function adjustments. Unfortunately, in order to launch on time, we had to release the first doorway’s beta early and take the opportunity to focus on the baseline functionality prior to giving it a pretty face. So you all must be mindful that ‘SOLVE’ is in its infancy stage; shareholders have the exciting opportunity to watch it grow and develop.”

It is anticipated that the fully developed dashboard will have many new features and enhancements to what is now viewed on Beta v1.0. One major change will be found in the move from a grid-like search results screen to the new Search Spiral which will allow users to swipe through results and retrieve web results, documents and person to person connectivity. There is also a Document Tray to drag and drop articles and documents into for later review. There will also be a Media Exchange screen. Users will have the ability to upload and share any of the content in the Media Exchange by sending files directly to contacts or publishing it on other favorite Social Media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.

In the Top Menu Bar, companies will be able to maintain contacts. Users will also be able to record preferences such as alerts, search radius, privacy, and visibility. They will also have the ability to contact users who are not currently online — recording any direct messages exchanged as well as any chat activity that occurs in respect to questions asked.

The process of joining a chat will also be enhanced along with the introduction of paying for PowerKeys. The Join screen will display live streams, recent activity, handshakes, referral capabilities and a “Socialize This” function which will invite others to view your conversation and solicit them to interact with the user sending links to the chat or by posting it to other Social Media sites. PowerKeys will be rented for a flat monthly fee that will stay constant for a period of 6 months up to one year.

The company intends to have many updates and improvements within the first half of the year through a string of additional releases beginning with version 2.0 which is slated for release in late February. Following the completion of the release cycles, the Beta tag could likely be removed. However, compared to industry giants like Google that were in beta for several years, the proposed beta time for eDoorways is short in comparison.

Mr. Kimmons concluded, “Between beta versions 2.0 and 3.0, you will see incredible transformation. This doorway will indeed become everything our users and shareholders are hoping for and will certainly be commensurate of what our other doorways will come to bear.”

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