Gary F. Kimmons, the founder and CEO of eDoorways Corp., the new web-based consumer/vendor communication platform, has had over 30 years of distinguished experience in creating market-driven concepts for successful projects and enterprises.

Originally known as GK Intelligent Systems, Mr. Kimmons’ company developed SmartOneSM, a patented learning technology. The system was selected by no less than the United Nations as its software flag technology. The company later went on to successfully associate the SmartOne brand with other national brands, including The Smithsonian, AOL, Radio Shack, and National Geographic, among others. Kimmons, who established all of the business processes and services, eventually took the company to a $500 million market cap.

When an aggressive takeover attempt let to the temporary cessation of company operations, Kimmons negotiated key acquisitions of profitable private entertainment and lifestyle ventures to facilitate a re-launch. This shifted the company’s focus to a next-generation media and entertainment corporation, providing a diversified portfolio of state-of-the-art entertainment and media resources.

Kimmons, who holds a Masters in Management Science from Stevens Institute of Technology/Rutgers, began his career on the technical staff of Bell Telephone Laboratories, as well as with First City Bank. He later worked with Geosource, Inc., and became the Director of Training and Development at Smith International, and then Manager of Human Resource Development at Reading & Bates Corporation. In 1988, Kimmons founded and was CEO of a corporation that marketed business improvement products to the petroleum industry and the federal government, before undertaking his current entrepreneurial venture.

Today, Gary Kimmons is considered a technology and marketing visionary, able to identify and leverage key market trends. He founded the Human Achievement Foundation to foster innovation, and was even awarded the Silver Medal at the New York Film Festival for an education film. His vision is one of using technology and business to empower the individual.

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