eDOORWAYS is developing a revolutionary business based on a consumer social networking website. The website is intended to connect consumers with questions to experts with answers, solutions, and recommendations as to where to buy goods and services related to the consumers’ specific needs.

eDOORWAYS is looking to capitalize on an emerging opportunity created by several developments:

• The huge success of web 2.0 community internet service offerings such as MySpace, Facebook, Wikipedia and Craig’s List.
• The movement in marketing toward niche marketing and targeted service offerings.
• The emergence of technologies that enable immediate access to information on the internet.
• The changing behavior of consumers, who now actively seek transparent and readily available information, such as consumer reviews, on the internet before making purchases.
• A desire on the part of small businesses to reach consumers in a cost-effective and non-traditional manner over the internet.

eDOORWAYS platform will combine three unique service elements into a single, seamless interface to provide an environment designed to foster productive collaboration. The collaboration will be between the consumer using eDOORWAYS and retailers and manufacturers of products along with the broader consumer community.

In the eDOORWAYS platform, the three synergistic service elements will include:

1. An e-marketplace where vendors and manufacturers can establish “storefronts” and communicate directly with consumers.
2. A feature that assists consumers in resolving current lifestyle problems and issues on a real-time collaborative basis.
3. A lifestyle “info-pedia” offering a broad range of lifestyle information and assistance using the “wiki” approach.

With their platform, the company is attempting to engender a unique atmosphere of transparency, candor, immediacy, competitiveness and intimacy.

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