eDoorways Corp. announced today that it is preparing to launch its platform’s first social networking integration system, ‘Facebook Connect,’ which will allow users of the highly popular social networking site to cross-pollinate with eDoorways users and vice versa.

“This is a very exciting feature,” stated Ann Collins, eDoorways Project Manager and Social Media Consultant. “Whether you have an eDoorways or Facebook account, once you’ve connected the two, virtually any friend on either of the sites will become accessible through the eDoorways Followers / Following lists.”

While this integration feature isn’t completely unique to eDoorways, the company is one of the first social networking sites to make the feature a standard of its platform. The company believes this feature could radically increase its current user base almost overnight.

Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation, explained, “If only 20% of our shareholder base, who may be registered on the eDoorways platform having a Facebook account, were to use the ‘Facebook Connect’ feature, it could add up to two hundred thousand potential users in a very short period of time. This is huge for us; and that’s just an estimate based on our shareholder base being active participants. I can only imagine if all of our current users hit the ‘Facebook Connect’ button, we’re suddenly exposed to millions of potential new users.”

The company also hinted that it may pursue other social networking platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn, which are being heavily trafficked. However, just considering that the majority of people on Facebook have at least 100 friends, this integration alone should be integral to virally increasing the eDoorways user base and solidifying the company’s competitiveness.

‘Facebook Connect’ is expected to be launched within v2.5 as a bonus feature by week’s end.

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