eDoorways Corp. today announced that it is preparing to address shareholders formally through written statement along with the year’s first shareholder conference call.

Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation, stated, “There has been much fanfare around the company’s overall state of affairs. Some concerns are legitimate and responsible inquiries posed by genuinely interested shareholders. Other matters are simply libelous conjectures circulated by iniquitous persons whom are not likely to be eDoorways’ shareholders, and will no longer be tolerated. In either case, our shareholders deserve clarity, and we are preparing to deliver it once and for all.”

The Shareholder’s Address will cover an array of topics — such as pending changes to board and management, past, present and future financial matters, trading status, and recent talks with major technology outfits, in addition to other topics. Following this Shareholder’s Address, the company will proceed with this year’s first Shareholder Conference Call.

“The company is in an amazingly strong position today… much more so than two years ago,” stated Kimmons. “With a platform that is in ongoing development by a few of the best ‘open platform’ and software developers in the business, a mobile application ready for submission, new users registering daily, the ISTEC relationship, our Facebook integration soon to be released and a growing organization in both status and personnel, there should be no question about this company soon realizing its ultimate vision.”

According to the press release, both the formal statement and conference call are scheduled to take place next week between the 6th and 8th of April. Those close to the company suggest that the Shareholder Address will be extremely detailed and self evident of the company’s commitment to transparency and shareholder confidence. It has also been said that the Shareholder Conference Call will be excitingly revealing.

With the company close to delivering the remainder of Beta Version 2.5 and soon the new v2.7, management surmises that the overall viability of eDoorways is continuously strengthening. They believe the public will be greatly impressed.

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