eDOORWAYS Corporation (PINKSHEETS: EDWY) seems tirelessly at work furthering its agenda. With the addition of a Brand Marketing and Site Monetization Strategist, setting the launch date, supporting that launch with the acquisition of a Lead Technology Architect and engaging an award winning New York PR firm to convey the company’s message to the masses, eDOORWAYS seems set on a course of growth and success. Still yet, in preparing for October’s delivery of the “SOLVE” doorway, Chairman and CEO, Gary Kimmons, continues to seek additional ways to build greater shareholder value. Today, this value comes in the form of the company’s potential CFO candidate — newly signed eDOORWAYS team consultant, Dan Bensimon.

A former member of the US Special Forces, Dan Bensimon, who has been named the company’s Senior Financial & Accounting Specialist, brings with him over 30 years of exceptional skills as an international specialty accountant and financial/operational manager.

Mr. Bensimon’s background includes his role as an accountant and partner at Touche Ross & Co, where he worked in the LA, D.C., NY, Paris and Austin offices prior to heading all European audit operations. Bensimon is also responsible for reorganizing the financial operations of Washington’s Milton Development Corporation as Vice President. He once acted as the Liquidating Trustee for both Compaq and Living.Com Liquidating Trust, was tapped for expert testimony in U.S. Bankruptcy Court and has been involved with multiple IPOs.

What may be most impressive of Dan’s background is his role as the court appointed President of Nash Philips – Copus, Inc., once the largest privately held homebuilder in the United States. At Nash Philips, he successfully managed the company through Chapter 11 as a member of the debtor in possession.

“eDOORWAYS is rapidly emerging as a national brand that now requires the judgment and expertise of proven executives,” stated Kimmons. “And as continually demonstrated by our find of quality consultants, we certainly have the appeal to attract very talented personnel.”

What Kimmons says about the company requiring sound judgment and expertise seems to be especially true in the area of financial management. The company, which is now poised to complete its filings, determined that using an “external” accounting group actually created more grief than good. People close to the matter believe, had the accounting been better maintained on an ongoing basis by the contracted accounting firm rather than being addressed when an audit was due, there may have been fewer slow-ups.

Bensimon, who entered into negotiations with eDOORWAYS back in May, began examining the company’s financial and accounting situation in anticipation of Mr. Kimmons releasing the company’s former accountants. Once the decision was made to create firm internal accounting controls, Dan Bensimon was officially engaged in early June whereby he immediately welcomed the task of putting the audit back on track. Due to the excitement of the company’s launch date announcement, the company had not found the right opportunity to disclose this news.

When Mr. Bensimon was asked what attracted a professional of his caliber to eDOORWAYS he responded with, “This is a company surrounded by good and intelligent individuals who each seem to possess a sincere interest in seeing eDOORWAYS penetrate the marketplace. My experience affords me the ability to identify real opportunity — and the opportunity here is innumerable.”

Dan continued, “I believe, that with the assistance of the company’s lead consultant, eDOORWAYS has been successfully guided to a point whereby with additional organizational insight, it can quickly expand and see its way onto a major exchange with a profit potential only wished for by most Internet tech companies. I also believe my experience affords me the ability to confidently say, if the company grants me the resources and freedom, I can initiate adequate financial organization, properly complete the audit, and ensure that eDOORWAYS is well prepared to enjoy the explosive growth that potentially awaits it in the months to come.”

“We are making financial decisions that demand sound decision making skills,” states Kimmons. “Skills that can only come from years of practical hands-on experience and Dan Bensimon has the right credentials. Dan is truly going to help eDOORWAYS immeasurably as we prepare for a highly anticipated launch which can quickly position us for a major exchange. And now, we’ll be ready!”