eDoorways Corporation announced Friday after the closing bell that its participation in this year’s South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive Festival will focus on demonstrating the improved functionality of the current web platform, signing on new users and offering a peek at Beta v2.5. The portion of the conference eDoorways will participate in is the SXSW Interactive Festival — an incubator of cutting-edge technologies, showcasing the most creative technology from around the globe. It is anticipated that 40,000 people will attend the Interactive Festival this year, making this a stellar opportunity for eDoorways to get premium exposure and possibly sign-up new users.

eDoorways’ focus at the tradeshow will be solely on the ongoing developments of their current web based platform. With the many opportunities that have emerged for the internet software company, such as the new contract with ISTEC and discussions with the American College of Education, there are huge benefits to being laser focused on the company’s software efforts and not hardware technologies at this time. The Augmented Reality application, heAR Austin, which is an eC Technologies endeavor, will be presented by Ian Mitchell, but not supported by eDoorways.

Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation, stated, “We think our customer base will benefit from our increased focus on our software platform vs. hardware technology development. This will allow us to use less resources — and by leveraging the power and flexibility of Drupal, we’d have shorter development cycles. This all will enable us to offer more services in a shorter period of time.”

The company, which is scheduled to release Beta Version 2.5 in the next few weeks, will also offer a “v2.5 Peek” pre-release sometime this weekend during the beginning of the Interactive Festival. “We’re excited to be able to release some early functionality in honor of our participation in SXSW,” commented Ann Collins, eDoorways Social Media Consultant and Solve Project Manager.

The company’s contends that this opportunity at SXSW will help the company gain international exposure at a time where eDoorways is ripe for the attention. Considering the great reception others have experienced at SXSW, this can be the one opportunity that assists eDoorways in realizing the future dominance it strives to achieve in software and web-development.

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