eDOORWAYS Corp. is a company whose principal activity is creating a lifestyle information/entertainment platform called eDOORWAYS. The company’s platform is designed to be a personal lifestyle information enhancement and problem solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and business-to-consumer marketplace.

The company has a number of general updates to provide to the public. First, as it pertains to the October 1st soft launch date, Michael Vincent, the company’s lead technology architect, has made an assessment that the eDOORWAYS platform is on schedule for the October 1st launch date.

As it pertains to filing the necessary regulatory paperwork, Dan Bensimon, the company’s senior financial & accounting specialist, has concluded that that eDOORWAYS is on target to meet the August 31st filing date of the 10K filing as well as its first and second quarter 10Q filings.

Finally, as it concerns the proposed pre-launch walkthrough, the company reinforced its commitment to making a presentation available without posing unnecessary risk to proprietary technology or undermining SEC regulations. The solution proposed by eDOORWAYS was to form an independent, unpaid board committee comprised of the company’s shareholders which would review the platform and report back to all other shareholders and the public

The company anticipates offering another update on these same matters by week’s end.

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