eDoorways Corp. today discussed the “LEARN” doorway and demoed its eC Device at the Ibero-American Science and Technology Education Center’s (ISTEC) XVIIth Annual General Assembly on the Campus of the University of New Mexico (UNM) in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The presentation made earlier this week was so popular that the 200 people in attendance from various parts of Latin America, Spain, Portugal and the US requested a second demonstration.

The theme of this year’s General Assembly is “Using Technology to Enable Collaboration, and Collaboration to Advance Science and Technology.” Speakers included Founder and Executive Vice President of ISTEC, Dr. Ramiro Jordan, Dr. David J. Schmidly (President of UNM), Martin J. Chavez (Albuquerque, NM Mayor) and Dr. Mauro Miskulin (ISTEC President), amongst other esteemed educational, political and corporate guests. Also included was eDoorways’ lead consultant Ajene Watson, Managing Member of Ajene Watson LLC, a private lending and financial business development and management firm which has been working closely with the company.

In his introduction, Watson said, “The essence of technology is firmly rooted in the soil of education. From a rich earth of knowledge, anyone can become empowered. However, one empowered man can do very little all by himself. Collaboration must occur – and only from exhaustive and truly objective collaboration can we actually continue to positively advance as a society.”

Gary Kimmons, CEO of eDoorways, spoke about the overall progress of eDoorways and why eDoorways is the perfect partner to collaborate with ISTEC. He stated, “The purpose of eDoorways is to make the connection between teacher and student, customer and vendor — between any group of individuals who need ‘real-time’ contact to achieve a common purpose. If you think about it, that’s really everyone.”

Dr. Jack Crosscope, the developer of the highly praised SmartOne technology, followed Mr. Kimmons with an oral and written presentation, taking the audience though the possibilities of using the “LEARN” doorway to create courses in a collaborative effort, teaching through the learning technology, and the ease in learning as students.

Lastly, Ian Mitchell wowed the audience with the eC Device through a video. The video, produced in Spanish by up and coming film producer Marton Varo, Jr., depicted Person A in one country attempting to dig a well, and he runs into a problem. From an iPhone, Person A presses his eDoorways App and searches for someone to assist him in “real-time” through the eDoorways platform. Another eDoorways user, Person B who is pinged, returns the ping connecting him directly to Person A. Person B then offers to help the individual dig the well at that exact moment in time.

Mr. Mitchell further explained, “Person A, who is wearing the eC Device is able to show Person B exactly what they are seeing and doing in ‘real-time.’ Person B is then able to provide relevant instruction to Person A. Person B is also able to port over a video (viewed either on the iPhone or though the eC Device’s eye piece) of a well that had been built by another group previously, thus giving Person A an even clearer understanding of what is required to accomplish the goal of digging the well.”

Dozens of people, some who spoke little English but came with translators, surrounded Dr. Crosscope and Mr. Mitchell for their specific disciplines. It is believed that the general excitement causing the audience to congregate around eDoorways was due to the understanding of the combination of LEARN, the eC Device and the general platform of eDoorways could mean for education, business, medicine and law enforcement, both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Ramiro Jordan commented, “The overall presentation was a great success. eDoorways became the belle of the ball with its presentation. This is why we requested that eDoorways repeat their demonstration on Wednesday. It was equally well-received, helping to create potential partnerships for deployment of the environment in various academic institutions. I anticipate that a significant partnership between ISTEC and eDoorways is brewing and may possibly take off quickly.”

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