eDoorways Corp. today revealed greater detail in the functionality of its eDoorways initiative as the company prepares for this month’s holiday release of “SOLVE” beta v1.0.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation, said, “We are nearing the day of the ‘SOLVE’ beta release v1.0 as we’ve entered into the final stretch of testing. Already looking past the holidays and well into the New Year, 2010 will bring a new set of priorities as we will seek to quickly build upon the ‘09 beta release and strengthen the overall functionality of our first doorway.”

This month’s beta release of “SOLVE” is expected to include premium connectivity between businesses and consumers. In the first release, consumers will be able to ask questions and initiate searches. Businesses or Solution Providers with the most relevance will be returned in the top spots of the search list. During this first phase, a Solution Provider will need to be online to get a good search ranking. This is to ensure the company gets the “real-time” chat functionality fully ironed out before shifting over to its “Ping” system — which notifies offline Solution Providers of PowerKey queries.

The company has targeted late February to launch the v2.0 release. “SOLVE” v2.0 will include Offline Notification for Service Providers. This will allow a Service Provider to be “pinged,” receiving offline notification that a question has been asked regarding their PowerKeys without requiring them to be logged into eDoorways. This release will also include enhanced search features for the consumer.

Version 2.5 is expected to come to market between March and April of 2010, providing several new functions. It will introduce paid PowerKeys for Solution Providers, provide the ability to save conversations and share documents and allow consumers to get added input from other users who will be rating the Solution Provider’s answers in a real-time fashion. This beta version will also allow users the ability to socialize their question through other social media outlets, such as Twitter. Version 2.6 is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2010. This release is expected to expand upon social media functionality, giving users the ability to socialize their eDoorways identities with that of other social networking sites such as Facebook and Linked-in.

“This is just one of the functions that will set eDoorways apart from the rest of the herd,” stated Kimmons. “Our users are not operating within a ‘walled-in’ community. They can take their eDoorways identity, and all that is attached to it with them, or interact with friends, followers and/or connections from other social networking sites from within the eDoorways platform.”

Version 2.5 of the “SOLVE” beta is also expected to introduce smart phone applications beginning with the iPhone. Release 2.6 will add video chatting and the integration of the eSee device — the wireless earpiece with an onboard camera and one inch eye monitor which will enhance eDoorways’ “real-time” user interaction by allowing streaming video content through a Bluetooth mobile device, hands free, from a first party perspective anywhere in the world.

The primary release of “SOLVE” will be the company’s beta v3.0, slated for release during the fourth quarter of 2010. This version will be the first true representation of eDoorways operating as one of the earliest Web 3.0 service offerings within an open source environment.

Kimmons commented, “While there are always factors in software development that may affect the nature and timing of what we plan to accomplish during 2010, given the great strides we’ve made just in 2009, topped off with this month’s upcoming beta release, we are absolutely confident with our current development schedule.”

After the initial release of “SOLVE” is running smoothly in Austin, eDoorways intends to roll out the first doorway in at least 3 more major US cities prior to the end of next year. The company does however indicate that, irrespective of the city rollouts, the platform will allow for national access as eDoorways expects the number of non local registrants of “SOLVE” to continue growing at an expediential rate. Taking into consideration that all of the other doorways, such as “LEARN,” will initially launch nationally, management views nationwide access to “SOLVE” key in the rapid national release of the first doorway in addition to immediately providing a national audience to the remaining six doorways.

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