eDOORWAYS Corp. today explained its service platform business revenue model in anticipation of its October 1, 2009, soft launch in Austin, Texas.

“There’s been a good deal of talk in the media lately surrounding the idea of the new, ‘free’ economy, as elucidated by Chris Anderson in his book, ‘Free: The Future Of A Radical Price,’” stated eDOORWAYS Chairman and CEO Gary Kimmons. “Taking the record industry as an example, many of today’s top new bands — Radiohead comes to mind — have grown comfortable with giving away their music online for free or for a nominal fee in order to generate a loyal fan base that will then purchase merchandise and concert tickets.”

He continued, “Similarly, while other social networks are searching for ways to make money via traditional, static advertising revenue models, eDOORWAYS will provide a host of attractive free services and features to users that will organically build our platform and provide myriad revenue opportunities.”

Once the platform is launched in October, consumers will have free access to real-time problem solving, and be able to gather competitive information from service providers that bid for their business. These users will also be able to join communities of likeminded consumers for the purpose of openly exchanging information. Small business service providers, on the other hand, will receive complimentary record keeping and sales tracking support, free business listings, and general marketplace information.

eDOORWAYS intends to monetize its services in an organic manner, while empowering consumers and American small businesses alike, by charging for premium connectivity to “gold nugget prospects,” storefront upgrades, CRM support, private label licensing, targeted marketing, back office support services, and more.

“A global shift is taking place in which people are beginning to refuse to pay for information and services they know they can find free of charge on the Internet,” commented Mr. Kimmons. “Businesses that deny this sea change in the ways we do business do so at their peril, while companies that embrace this shift in the Zeitgeist have the opportunity to build longstanding trust, loyalty, and marketshare. That is the philosophy behind eDOORWAYS’ suite of free and paid-for features and services, which we eagerly anticipate sharing with our shareholders, small businesses, the media, and general public in the fall.”

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