Taking count of its South By Southwest (SXSW) successes, concluding it is on the right path, eDoorways today told investors that the pending changes to management, board, acquisitions and trading status is all in perfect timing.

Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation, stated, “Showing at South By Southwest has been a great experience for us. The technology community, as well as the music, film & media industries have now taken note in the possibilities of what eDoorways can offer. 2010 marks the beginning of a new era of web search and social networking with eDoorways at the helm.”

During the trade show, eDoorways was approached by management from a couple of the leading brands in the technology world regarding possible opportunities. The company participated in an international press conference and was interviewed by well known technology outlets and tech bloggers, including: Hearst Digital News, PC World, Internet Week, The Spring (Austin tech blog), Blog World Expo Radio and Level 3. The company was also approached on “white label” opportunities from nationally branded film festivals, business schools, hospital marketing agency and attorneys, as well as tapped for possible pilot programs to develop API’s to integrate existing software and operations of well-established technology companies with the eDoorways platform.

With more than 12,000 lanyards bearing the company logo and information included in attendee bags and worn by many, the eDoorways name became familiar to almost all convention goers. The company also sponsored contests throughout the conference where various gifts, including gift cards and HP Netbooks, were given to winners in efforts to further promote the company and its vision.

In today’s press release, Gary Kimmons reveals that the company is very close to delivering the remainder of v2.5 and the new v2.7. eDoorways is also working hard to complete its Facebook integration system and anticipates delivering the iPhone® App for review within the next couple of weeks. “However, on the corporate development front,” said Kimmons, “some exciting and major adjustments will be made within corporate management, to the board of directors, acquisition restructuring and trading status.”

Management believes that changes within certain areas will strengthen to the overall viability of eDoorways to new suitors, while offering further prove to the market that there is something real under the hood. Those close to the company have suggested that eDoorways is poised to move to the next level both as a web brand and public entity; anticipating the true value of the company to soon be revealed.

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