eDoorways Corp. today announced the release of its “Benefits to Small Businesses” video vignette. This video introducing eDoorways’ platform, educating its target audience on the functionality and uses of its doorways, as well as communicates the company’s progress to shareholders.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation explains, “The objective of eDoorways is to allow the small businesses that may have limited resources to make the best use of those resources so that they can compete with the big guys.”

eDoorways believes that a majority of the approximate 15,500 small businesses operating in Austin would make prime eDoorways business customers. With more than 200 businesses currently signed up since the company launched its first phase of the “SOLVE” doorway, eDoorways is quickly moving into the remaining phases.

“The process of forming the SOLVE focus groups is kicking off this week with a survey to be emailed to all businesses, consumers, and experts who have signed up with eDoorways,” stated Ann Collins, the company’s Social Media Marketing Consultant and Project Manager for “SOLVE. “The focus groups for this phase will be formed quickly allowing the company to receive feedback from members on the new user interface within a couple of weeks.”

“Now is the time where functionality will be measured,” added Kimmons. “If third round modifications are required, we will take this opportunity to acknowledge all suggestions and quickly make the necessary adjustments and enhancements.”

If the feedback received requires only minimal changes, eDoorways anticipates bringing a fully functional consumer version of “SOLVE” to the market much sooner than originally expected. If this is the case, the company foresees immediate launch of its beta version of the “SOLVE” doorway possibly by year end.

In regards to the company’s financial health, Mr. Dan Bensimon, Senior Financial & Accounting Specialist, said the following, “Through today, the company has raised an additional three quarters of a million dollars through friendly sources as necessary to attain the company’s soft launch goals. It has also attracted the services of very talented technology and other professionals to build the platform and manage and finance the company through the issuance of approximately $500k in restricted stock. The company has meticulously managed and dedicated all of its funds to the development of both the platform and company. With the continued assistance of current financial resources, along with the new financial sources identified for future financing, eDoorways should have the financial capacity to bring the beta version of the platform to market.”

With nearly an additional $1.5 million dollars raised, the company doesn’t appear to be at risk of missing any set milestones. By the time the consumer and/or beta version of “SOLVE” is released this year, sources close to the company believe there will be over 1,000 users signed up — ready to begin engaging in “real-time” interactions.

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