eDoorways Corporation anticipates that its October 1st launch date of “SOLVE” will be as entertaining as it is educational. The unveiling of “SOLVE” should be rather impressive as the company is currently settling on celebrity or media personalities to host the event, entertainment, menus, etc.

“We are not alone,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “Come Thursday, October 1st, 2009, it will become evident that our company is surrounded by real, dedicated professionals who are well respected, highly intelligent and extremely motivated to push eDoorways forward and bring our ‘real-time’ platform to market.”

Kimmons anticipates being joined on stage by Real Time Data and Bluestone Partners, two of the technology firms that have greatly contributed to the development of the SOLVE doorway. Representatives from these firms will join Gary Kimmons during a compelling demonstration to provide technological insight into where the platform is today as well as its greater possibilities for tomorrow.

Keeping in mind that the “SOLVE” doorway will be launched in phases, the final phase is expected to be completed within 90 days of the initial introduction October 1st. eDOORWAYS plans to roll through the phases of the soft launch and into the beta form of the platform on a timely basis with a view on intense and practical focus group testing and adjustments based on feedback prior to a fully functional version hitting the market.

Those who have participated in the development of this platform appear fully confident in the overall development of what could potentially become the first true “real-time” business to consumer internet platform. People close to the company have continued to express tremendous enthusiasm and are very impressed by the city of Austin’s positive reaction.

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