This morning, eDoorways Corp. excitedly announced that the company has launched its Facebook integration model, which includes the ‘Facebook Connect’ option. eDoorways and Facebook users are now able to connect and socialize through the eDoorways platform.

Ann Collins, eDoorways Social Media Consultant and Solve Project Manager, stated, “It’s such a cool feature for a web-based social network to offer and it’s so easy to use and manage. Facebook users can easily connect their account to eDoorways. Anyone who logs into eDoorways with the Facebook Connect feature can either create a new eDoorways account or connect their Facebook account to their existing eDoorways account. This feature opens many doors as we plan to give users greater flexibility in communicating across various web-based platforms.”

While the basic Facebook Connect feature is popular among many sites on the web, what makes eDoorways’ use of this feature uniquely exciting is the ability to invite and communicate with Facebook friends through eDoorways. Targeting a user base of over 400 million, eDoorways believes this feature will assist the company with accessing the immensely popular Facebook community. Should this feature take off, the user base of eDoorways could possibly explode very quickly.

In addition to the FaceBook functionality, eDoorways made another special addition to the integration aspect of this release. With this new addition, eDoorways users can get their offline notifications sent to their Twitter accounts.

“We initially planned to have the Facebook integration model released four days ago,” explained Collins. “However, we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to include the Twitter offline notification functionality as a kicker. We wish to give our users as many tools as possible to make their experience a pleasant and exciting one.”

With the integration of the Twitter offline notifications, a user would connect his or her eDoorways account to their Twitter account and then set the Notification settings to be sent to Twitter.

Ann continues, “With approximately 20 million people using Twitter, many of them on mobile devices, this is a great way for people to be notified of new requests, from eDoorways while exposing eDoorways to yet another massive web-based audience.”

The company continues to make major strides in the development of its platform and outreach strategy. Those close to the company strongly believe, should eDoorways continue on the path of creating a dynamically functioning platform, its viability for integration with larger outfits will soon be overpowering. Management asserts, at this time, eDoorways is simply concerned with turning out the best product and service offering possible for its users.

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