Marty Lobkowicz leads eDoorways’ sales and marketing efforts as the retail sales and marketing director. He is president of MML International Inc., a marketing consulting firm based in Delray Beach, Florida. His firm assists both nationally branded and emerging manufacturing entities in developing and implementing effective sales and marketing plans.

Marty Lobkowicz has spent his entire career in the retail industry. For the first 20 years, he worked for several large retail companies including BJ’s Wholesale Club and Office Depot in finance and product merchandising positions. At Office Depot, he was vice-president and general merchandising manager of the technology products division. In that role, he assumed primary responsibility for the profitability of the division. At that time, Mr. Lobkowwicz also had the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with other key executives in the retail industry.

Marty was able to capitalize on his Office Depot experience in 1998 when he started his own sales and marketing company – MML International. His company specializes in getting manufacturers’ products placed in the retail distribution channel. Over the last 8 years, his firm has helped a number of emerging firms like eDoorways and helped placed their products and services into a number of the largest retailers in the country. Over this period, MML International has developed a reputation for professionalism and success.

Mr. Lobkowicz’s experience and extensive contacts in the industry will support the rollout of DOORWAYS to the marketplace. Marty has already worked with eDoorways in its previous incarnation, a learning technology firm marketing its first product – an advanced software that teaches people about the Internet called “Around the Web in 80 Minutes.” He placed the product with top nationally-branded distributors and retailers. He was largely responsible for the company, then known as GK Intelligent Systems, and its product being designated as number one in 1999 by American retailers at their annual retail exchange meeting. It is no wonder that eDoorways selected Mr. Lobkowicz to lead their current endeavors.

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