eDoorways Corp. considers itself a leader in the now active drive to Web 3.0, emphasizing that they strive every day to stay current on trending topics, upcoming technologies, and leading thinkers in the field. The company’s stated goal is to use the latest technologies and processes to empower the individual, and being ahead of the Web curve is seen as critical.

What is the difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0? Web 2.0, through the many iterations of social networking, ecommerce, and associated platforms, has enabled people to find each other, to communicate and exchange information, and to do business. But eDoorways sees Web 2.0 as only the start, a small indication of the Web’s true potential. While Web 2.0 has not been an active collaborator in the linking process, doing little to take into consideration the individual needs of the participants, Web 3.0 will enable a far more personal computing environment.

Web 3.0 is all about having a unique customized online experience, based upon a complex understanding of the individual user.

• Who you are
• What you are doing in the present
• What you have done in the past
• How you choose to do things
• Why you choose to do things
• Where you choose to do things
• Your intelligence and what you already know
• How you learn and assimilate new information

All of this is vital to creating an intelligent “context” for human collaboration, one of the key things that has been missing in the majority of computer interactions. And much of it has to be automatic, invisible to the user. The more time a user spends in the environment, the more the environment will learn about who they are, and adjust accordingly. While Web 2.0 opened up a world of information and resources, Web 3.0 will provide the support and relevance necessary to get the right information faster, while integrating it in real time. This is the new kind of empowerment that eDoorways sees itself as representing.

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