eDoorways Corp. announced this morning that it has chosen to rely on Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License, to accelerate its Web 3.0 development and delivery of SOLVE version “Beta 2.0″, which will include the first incarnation of the platform’s mobile applications.

“Drupal is a globally established Open Source software with over 2 million downloads since 2001,” stated Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation. “Open Source is indeed the future of the Internet.”

Google’s increasingly popular cell phone operating system, called Android, is Open Source. Furthermore, the White House has just moved the whitehouse.gov website to Drupal and the Defense Department’s Chief Information Officer David Wennergren recently put out a memo saying that Open Source software can be advantageous in pursuit of the military’s missions.

Mr. Kimmons added, “Given all of the current uses people have for Drupal, the caliber of the organizations moving to Open Source, and the rigorous testing Drupal has undergone in the real world, it [Drupal] is clearly suited to eDoorways’ ambitions. What’s even more wonderful, through Drupal, the shift to Open Source doesn’t slow down our development in the slightest. In fact, Drupal will accelerate not only the development of our Web 3.0 platform but also influence the early release of the more robust versions of the first doorway.”

“Our plan has always been to pursue the Open Source alternative because it gives us increased flexibility and it will allow other developers to integrate into our system, bringing greater value to our service offerings,” Kimmons continued. “Drupal has proven itself to be a preferred software for us to use as we build our 3.0 platform and integrate each of our developing doorways into it. We are pursuing a pre-planned, step-by-step design approach that calls for this move at this time. It was originally designed into the development schedule we announced and it will play a large role in our upcoming release of SOLVE.”

Kimmons concluded, “Among supercomputers, 469 of the fastest 500 are running one kind of Linux or another, an Open Source operating system. eDoorways wants to capitalize on the advantages of Open Source software by building its platform with Drupal.”

With the company’s first beta version of “SOVLE” on target for release later this month, people close to the company are very excited over Drupal as this development enhances the overall potential of additional versions of “SOLVE” slated for release during 2010: Beta 2.0, Beta 2.5, and the platform’s “SOLVE” Version 3.0.

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