eDoorways Corp. today told investors that its decision to go Open Source, in an effort to expedite its Web development and develop the platform’s mobile applications, was partially hinged on its ability to attract one of the top developers within the open source environment. DPCI, an interactive technology agency that delivers integrated content management solutions, agreed to assist eDoorways in converting the company’s Internet platform to Drupal, an Open Source Content Management System written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways Corporation, stated, “DPCI comes highly recommended by a number of organizations that have implemented Drupal in their enterprise. As an Acquia Platinum partner, DPCI brings with them a specific skill set in programming along with a design expertise that has afforded them a wealth of knowledge in areas related to our move to enhance Web 2.0 social networking and Web 3.0 functionality. DPCI has quickly assimilated into our team and should prove to be an outstanding contributor. Their in-depth, proven experience developing systems for nationally branded entities is already serving us well.”

Joseph Bachana, President and CEO of DPCI, commented, “We’re very enthusiastic about eDoorways’ plans to leverage Drupal to support their ground-breaking interactive platform that will tie together people and businesses globally. We see Drupal as being a natural fit into the social publishing, Web content management platform, and ultimately, the Semantic Web needs of the eDoorways suite of products.”

Kimmons concluded, “When Apple opened up the iPhone to third-party apps, it made the device far more useful and popular, faster, than it would otherwise have been. Going Open Source does much the same for eDoorways in that literally thousands of people write code to enhance Drupal and keep it evolving. That constant programmer contribution translates into continuous technological development and growth for our platform at virtually no cost as compared to proprietary development. This is why we at eDoorways are looking forward to working with our partners at DPCI to move into the future with as robust, stable, secure and valuable a technology as we can create.”

Those close to the company have indicated that management’s decision to go open source played a significant role in AJENE WATSON, LLC’s decision to grant eDoorways a 300% increase in the company’s original credit facility. Although not yet quantified, sources knowledgeable of the company’s original development plan suggest that up to 20% was trimmed from the 2009 cost estimates alone as a result of the move to Drupal, which mostly eliminated major server and licensing fees.

With the first beta version of “SOLVE” on schedule for release sometime this month, management strongly believes, with the addition of DPCI, users will likely see all of the “real-time” possibilities eDoorways plans to offer with the emerging Web 3.0, become a reality much sooner than ever anticipated.

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