eDoorways Corp. announced today that it has signed an Agreement with Ibero American Science and Technology Education Consortium (ISTEC) to gain access to approximately 20 million online users as well as other strategic introductions globally.

“This deal truly gives eDoorways immediate access to online users in a big way,” stated Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation. “With this relationship, we expect to significantly increase our visibility as we gain an international user base as well as see our initial revenues in the second quarter become dramatically greater than anticipated. With the high expectation for our PowerKeys, now to be purchased and used by a much larger audience, it is conceivable that by late in the 2nd quarter, we could possibly begin generating a couple of million dollars monthly from this relationship alone. That would be the power of ISTEC and this marriage.”

Founded in 1990 as a spinoff of University of New Mexico (UNM), ISTEC is now one of the largest non-profit consortia in the Americas dedicated to improving the quality of life through education throughout Latin America, Spain and Portugal. Leveraging the strength of its faculty and staff members, ISTEC members develop content in science, technology, engineering, math, R&D and entrepreneurship for the estimated 20 million university student population throughout Latin America and other parts of the world.

Those close to the deal believe that eDoorways could capture at least 5% of the 20 million student population within 12 months, effectively beginning in the second quarter. Attaining this feat would result in 1 million additional users not factored into any of the company’s original revenue models.

The agreement between the two groups called for eDoorways to become a member of the consortia, which has been effectuated. The company anticipates providing a comprehensive web-based service offering featuring intelligent performance support for such lifestyle areas as problem solving, learning, innovation and creativity, and leisure/entertainment to ISTEC members and affiliates. eDoorways will also interface and coordinate with ISTEC to insure the operations are consistent with pre-determined ISTEC requirements and needs. Additionally, the company will provide ISTEC with client maintenance and support as well as offer customer care, client billing and financial management of the operations.

ISTEC on the other hand will be responsible for providing and managing prospect introductions. The organization will help eDoorways secure new clients and advise on client activity while providing assistance in the client operating areas. ISTEC will also assist eDoorways with securing the necessary rights/authorizations for connectivity/services to ISTEC client facilities, as necessary.

Dr. Ramiro Jordan commented, “We have always seen eDoorways as a powerful way to utilize the Internet in pursuit of our objectives. It was just a matter of time as we needed to be confident that the developing company could accomplish its own objectives and stay the course. Today, in our opinion, eDoorways has done so and is continuing to propel itself forward. We look for alliances with not only successful organizations, but those organizations demonstrating the will and tenacity to strive for something extraordinary. eDoorways is that company, and we wish to be on the ground floor of their vision. The platform they offer uses social networking in two areas of great interest to ISTEC and we wish to make these products and service offerings available to our growing international concern in a financially benefiting way.”

Under the Strategic Alliance Agreement, both eDoorways and ISTEC will participate in co-marketing and co-branding eDoorways’ products and services. Although ISTEC is interested in supporting the entire eDoorways platform suite of products and services, the initial emphasis will be placed on eDoorways’ first service offering, “SOLVE.” According to the press release, ISTEC will also be very active in the marketing and branding of the second much-anticipated doorway “LEARN,” which is expected to have its first demonstrable working concept version by the end of the first quarter.

In the press release, eDoorways also told investors of its upcoming event in March where it is expected to make a splash on a major technology stage. The latest version of the platform, v2.0, is expected out this week and v2.5 (ETA — end of 1st QT) will only add to the company’s ability to potentially compete with major technology firms while receiving global acceptance due to ISTEC’s reach to a captive audience of millions worldwide.

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