eDoorways Corporation, a web-based consumer problem-solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace, successfully released the long awaited beta version of its first doorway, “SOLVE” v1.0, over the Christmas week-end. Initially covering businesses in Austin, Texas, but allowing international access, this doorway connects the consumer with providers of those goods and services that are being pursued, connecting real people with real solutions in “real-time.”

In a statement given on Christmas Morning, Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of eDoorways, said, “We are extremely thrilled about our being able to give to our shareholders what we consider the best gift we could possibly offer this holiday season.”

Many interested users logged on within the first hours as news of the doorway’s launching rapidly spread all over social networks without the company making any effort of formally alerting the general public of the event.

“This event is the culmination of two years of perseverance and in recent months, the diligent and efficacious collaboration of various professionals,” stated Kimmons. “We are extremely happy and excited by the success the ‘SOLVE’ doorway has already had within the first 48 hours of the Beta v1.0 launch. In Austin, Texas, right now, people with needs can use our real-time connectivity social networking platform to utilize intelligent search capabilities to get those needs met by businesses that are best suited to deliver.”

Following the successful roll-out in Austin, the company is committed to adding three major American cities to the “SOLVE” doorway before the end of next year. Mr. Kimmons believes that it is more than reasonable to add 8-10 metropolitan areas per year. A large number of sign-ups have already come from outside the Austin region, suggesting that the platform could experience a viral expansion that would accelerate the use and expansion of “SOLVE.”

Commenting on the current functionality of “SOLVE” Beta v1.0, Kimmons summarized his previous statements, “The primary functionality of ‘SOLVE’ is built around the city of our initial roll out, Austin. Yet still, we’ve permitted global access to the platform.

“Also keep in mind that in our allowing the public’s participation in the ‘acceptance testing process,’ Beta v1.0 is susceptible to minor bugs, inconsistencies or shortcomings that may or may not be noticeable. These include limited browser compatibility — currently supporting only Internet Explorer and Firefox, as well as queries only resulting in those relevant service providers who are located within a 50-mile radius from the person who initially made the inquiry. Thus, if you’re not located in Austin, you’re likely to get back zero results.

“These items for example are very temporary matters that may be rectified before all of the current Austin-based pre-registrants actually initiate their new accounts. Most of the current business will not become active until this week beginning today as our Christmas release has likely caught most off guard. Nonetheless, most minor items will be addressed during the next week. All other issues should be covered in Beta v2.0 which is set for release during late February of 2010.”

Kimmons concluded, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their patience and support during the last several months. I believe that, when they see the platform in action, they will be more than satisfied. Moreover, as it evolves and expands, I am confident that ‘SOLVE,’ ‘LEARN,’ and the other doorways will exceed all expectations.”

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