eDoorways Corporation yesterday delivered a compelling demonstration of its platform as the company successfully unveiled its first doorway, “SOLVE.” With the assistance of the pleasant and witty Amy Hadley, Gary F. Kimmons, Chairman & CEO, provided eDoorways’ shareholders, Austin business owners and other interested parties a preview into the “SOLVE” doorway.

“I’m completely overwhelmed by the turn out of supporters,” stated Kimmons. “This is indeed a milestone for this company. Considering our position in early 2008 vs. where we are today, if there is any question as to the validity of our existence, simply take a look at what we have done here tonight. It’s pretty impressive.”

Inside a brilliantly decorated ball room, where the main audience seating was arranged in the shape of the company logo, spectators enjoyed food, drinks, networking and listened to Austin’s own growing sensation, T-Bird And The Breaks.

During the presentation, Kimmons was joined by several of the company’s consultants and technology developers. Social media consultant, Ann Collins, who grew the company’s twitter following from 200 to 10,000 followers within 30 days, commented on the importance of the social media and networking community and its influence on the company’s rapidly growing popularity.

“SOLVE” contributing technology teams, Real Time Data and Bluestone Partners, assisted Amy Hadley with her “real-time” interactions on the platform — and the “LEARN” doorway intelligent technology developer, Jack Crosscope (creator of SmartOne Technology) briefly described the vision and direction of the second doorway.

Ian Mitchel demonstrated the eDoorways “Apps” for the Apple iPhone as well as the “EC Device” — a completely wireless earpiece with an onboard camera and one inch monitor that covers the eye. The EC Device ultimately enhances eDoorways’ “real-time” interaction by allowing users to view and stream video content, hands free, through a mobile device anywhere in the world.

The presentation, which will be viewable online within the next business day, wrapped with acknowledgments to the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce (Tony Shum attended) as well as other key contributors to the event. The warmest acknowledgment went to the company’s lead consultancy group, AJENE WATSON, LLC, to which Kimmons attributes much of company’s progress, growth and future success to.

“The business development division of our firm is very particular about the deals we commit to,” commented Ajene Watson, Managing Member of the AJENE WATSON, LLC. “Like with eDoorways, we engage in long term relationships with our clients; generally 15 months minimum. We come onboard with the only expectation being, we will roll up our sleeves, dive into the trenches and work diligently to deliver every available resource to our clients, in the upmost responsible manner. We strongly believe in the future of eDoorways and the grand vision of Gary Kimmons, and despite the trials and tribulations that can often become daunting to a small company, we will not ‘cut and run’. It took some time to get eDoorways to this unveiling event and it will take a little more time to move through the phases of the soft launch and arrive at a fully functional version of the platform, but, eDoorways will arrive.”

According to eDoorways, people close to the company were thrilled by the success of the unveiling and believe the future for the company has now been exposed. Kimmons garnered lots of attention as he and his team wowed the audience, who responded with exciting ongoing applauds throughout the presentation.

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