Although the Internet has come to mean many different things to different people, for the average individual its ultimate promise has remained constant: the totally fluid exchange of desired information. In other words, the answer to any question you have, whenever you need it. eDoorways Corporation, more than perhaps any other company, has chosen to address this promise head on.

The company calls its platform a revolutionary business-to-consumer social network website, integrating various advanced search technologies to help consumers better solve lifestyle problems while driving highly targeted traffic to service providers. The key competitive advantage is the next-generation networking interface that allows anyone to instantaneously source the exact information, products, and services they need. The idea is to avoid the ocean of irrelevancy commonly associated with current search engines, replacing it with a focused and customized environment, based upon a more comprehensive understanding of the user.

The company has made clear that it intends to capitalize on, and add to, various elements of today’s online and consumer environment:

1) Web 2.0 offerings, such as MySpace, CraigsList, and Wikipedia
2) Micro (niche) marketing and targeted service offerings
3) Emergence of new technologies, enabling flexible aggregation and presentation of information
4) Technologically savvy consumers who depend on the Web for buying decisions

The result is not just one more online shopping mall. It represents instead a new and unprecedented two-way information resource. For consumers, it means quicker access to relevant solutions. For vendors, it means an unmatched opportunity to build short and long term relationships with prospective buyers. By bringing together Web resources in a whole new way, eDoorways will become a market tool offering pricing and quality transparencies available nowhere else.

The potential of such an approach is seen in the numbers: There are over 45 million young, Internet-savvy adults, representing the company’s immediate consumer target. Add to that the small business market, approximately 97% of business in America, and you have nearly unlimited potential.

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