eDoorways Corp. is a fast-growing vendor/consumer online network based on the idea that social networking and advanced search technologies represents a huge opportunity for vendor and consumer communication and interaction. The company is facilitating this interaction through its eDoorways platform. For more information on the company and its eDoorways platform, please visit www.edoorwayscorp.com.

The eDoorways platform creates an immediate solutions network which connects local businesses with consumers in need of immediate answers, goods or services, with expert assistance. This network of people and small businesses offers immediate solutions on a level never before possible. This platform will not only save consumers valuable time and money, but it will allow businesses an effective new way to generate revenues.

As part of its continuing evolution, the company has recently added a “tech corner” to its website which intends to be a place to share in-depth ideas about technology and its recent developments in technology and new software capabilities. eDoorways stays current on upcoming technologies and intends to bring to consumers the best of what current tech has to offer.

Web 2.0 technology has been somewhat passive in the revolution of collaboration and open-source technology. Internet technologies are quickly moving out of Web 2.0 functionalities and into Web 3.0. The new eDoorways application software will enable a personal computing environment to understand more about the user and their collaborations in ways that wholly personalizes the user’s online experience.

The more time a user spends in their computing environment, with new Web 3.0 technology, the more it will “learn” about the user – who they are, what they do, and what they need. In Web 3.0, users will finally get the support and help they need to get the right information faster and to be able to integrate that information in real time.

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