The eDoorways Corporation asserts that calculated risk will lead to huge dividends for the web-based consumer problem-solving gateway, lifestyle information source, and online business-to-consumer marketplace provider. Retaining the initial observations of the Beta v1.0 release, the company is now poised to deliver a more powerful product offering than originally contemplated.

“The launch of SOLVE Beta v1.0 afforded us much greater value than expected,” stated Mr. Gary Kimmons, Chairman & CEO of the eDoorways Corporation. “The overwhelming response received provided us with invaluable information about our ultimate vision for eDoorways — the design, functionality and purpose of the entire platform and each doorway. No focus group in the world compares to true and real time user feedback.”

The response received has led to an enhanced design strategy that was not part of the original roll-out plan. With the primary purpose of the initial launch being to solidify the chat foundation and to assess power key functionality, the technology acquired had to first be adapted to suite the platform’s purpose. The company found that its power key technology not only functioned as hoped, but was extremely robust and completely scalable to accommodate a rapid ramp-up.

Ann Collins, SOLVE Project Manager and Social Media Consultant for the eDoorways Corporation, said, “We have aggressively accelerated the platform’s development, positively altering the proposed deliverables.”

According to the press release, Version 2.0 is still on track for launch later this month. This version’s main purpose is to introduce the Offline Notification of Solution Providers when selected in a search. In addition, eDoorways stated that it has moved the Saved Chats and Conversations functionality ahead of schedule. This feature includes the following:

Chats can be saved and left open as long as you like. For example, if you’re planning an event and want to stay in touch with vendors who were helping you, you can save the chat and talk to them as you plan your event.
Once you decide to close the chat, or you no longer want to keep the conversation open, you can close it or delete it.

Version 2.5 will be released early in mid March and will include:

Enhanced search capability to include web results
Viewing of searched web results within eDoorways
Uploading a file or document to share with other users
The ability to socialize a question to Twitter and invite your Twitter followers to chime in on your question

Additional functionality that’s being moved up into the mid March release is:

A true social networking system within eDoorways
The social networking module will be a part of every doorway
Users will be able to categorize the people that follow them into different groups and decide what information in their profiles they want to present to each group
“The ability to generate paid PowerKey transactions, the first revenue generating function for eDoorways, will follow early in the second quarter,” Mrs. Collins added.

Kimmons concluded, “Over the next few weeks there will be much more to speak about; but what we’d like our shareholders and users to know is, we’re working tirelessly to continuously develop a formidable service offering capable of competing and perhaps surpassing that which is out there today.”

Those close to the company suggest that the eDoorways platform will soon display a sleeker design, many enhanced functions to rival competitors and an additional doorway to promote education and advanced teaching and learning. The management team is upbeat and anxiously looking forward to the success to come.

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