eDoorways continues to pick up steam with the announcement that three new clients are unveiling PowerChannels. The developing social network and marketplace works with interested people and organizations to define online PowerChannel communities, bringing together people from all over who happen to share a particular interest. The new PowerChannels are:

• Skincare & Beauty – Hosted by Philisa Giannukos, an independent skincare consultant for Rodan and Fields (www.eDoorways.com/Skincare-And-Beauty).
• Electronic Tracking & Auditing – Electronic Tracking & Auditing is a company that helps customers save money on shipping costs by tracking and retrieving refunds for late shipments (www.eDoorways.com/ETA-Refunds).
• The Sports Channel – A Sports Talk channel, where people can gather and talk about all aspects of sports (www.eDoorways.com/The-Sports-Channel).

The new channels will join other recently added PowerChannels, such as CorkSport, InvestorsVoice, and The Art Channel, as clients begin pushing to get onboard. There is already a standing list of clients waiting to establish PowerChannels. Another PowerChannel soon to be unveiled is the MusclePharm channel, dedicated to MusclePharm fitness enthusiasts.

It’s clear that people are beginning to recognize the benefit of dedicated online communities as a great way of communicating. eDoorways is now anxious to automate the channel creation process, so that anyone can create and maintain their own channels.

According to the company’s Google Analytics data, traffic has doubled in the past month, with much of the credit given to the draw created by PowerChannels. eDoorways sees a powerful viral marketing effect in play, as people who share a common interest spread the word about this new online resource.

For more information on eDoorways, see the company’s websites at www.eDoorways.com and www.eDoorwaysCorp.com.

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