“We are headed for a world where you can get any multimedia content you want, wherever you are, whenever you want it,” said Gary Kimmons, CEO of eDoorways. “The Comcast NBC Universal operation is going to be a transitional company that must evolve into a much more individualistic media enterprise. TV on the web is a very 2009 idea, a year that is just about over.”

“I foresee the creation of an electronic global village, in which people work, shop, learn, and play online to an extent not yet realized by existing social networks,” explained Kimmons. “What I think we are going to see in 2010 and 2011 is the evolution of an ‘ecosystem’ in which anyone will be able to access specific resources from the cloud—resources that they previously wouldn’t have known even existed.”

eDoorways is currently developing a consumer social network website centered around seven portals or “doorways,” each of which have been designed to put ordinary individuals into contact with a variety of experts, merchants, service providers, or like-minded individuals. The doorway furthest along in development, “SOLVE,” enables small businesses to contact potential customers around the globe who have indicated a specific want or need.

There is more to Kimmon’s vision than just sales. Imagine we’re 30 years into the future, and your hydrogen fuel cell car needs repairs. Using eDoorways, you could go through the “LEARN” doorway to find mechanics familiar with your ’38 model and its unique design. Using the eC device, an earpiece with a small camera and screen that fits over the eye, you could get instructions on how to fix the car, with experts watching and helping you along the way. The whole exchange could then be posted to the “CREATE” doorway on Web 3.0 and offered for sale to others with a similar need. Multiply this scenario innumerable times for every type of need—and you have the future as one man sees it.

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