width=151eFitness for Life is an online resource to fit all of your nutrition and exercise needs. Accessed anytime and anywhere, eFitness for Life features online fitness and diet coaching in a customized wellness plan designed uniquely for you.

Upon signing up for the service you will be in contact with an eFitness Life team member who will work with you to assess your health needs and will then work with you to devise a plan to meet those needs.

Once your program has been developed, you will be in constant communication with your coach/trainer who will guide you through every step along your way to meeting your health goals.

From online video coaching and nutrition consulting, and to downloaded exercise videos and eFitness for Life's unique Wholistic Kinesiology program no stone is left unturned in helping you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

The eFitness for Life program is paid for on a monthly membership basis.


  • Customized workout and diet plans
  • Provides one-to-one consulting services
  • Costs less money than personal training sessions
  • Features a well-rounded and lifestyle-oriented health plan
  • Can access program anywhere and at any time
  • Appropriate for anyone seeking to improve their health
  • Features audio and video downloads
  • Convenience of working online


  • Must be computer savvy
  • No in-person guidance


With eFitness for Life, a personalized nutrition plan is created to meet your weight loss needs and lifestyle. The basics of your eating plan will be outlined in a clear and organized manner making following it a simpler task.

As you progress through your health plan, your nutrition plan will be adapted to reflect those changes such as moderating your calorie intake, increasing your protein requirements and making sure that you are getting enough essential nutrients through supplementation.


There are a variety of ways you can get in shape with the eFitness for Life program. Once you have worked out a program with your trainer or coach, you can download instructional videos to your computer, iPod or television. From yoga and resistance training to swimming and senior fitness, there are hundreds of fitness videos that you can access at any time.

eFitness for Life's trademark workout is their iBoot, a portable and always accessible challenging circuit training workout that should be done three to five times each week for 30-60 minutes.


width=153eFitness for Life is a comprehensive online program that offers all of the customization of private personal training sessions but for a fraction of the cost. Featuring customized workout and diet plans and your own personal coach/trainer to provide you with constant motivation, eFitness is a great solution for those who require a flexible workout schedule, are computer savvy and are looking to improve their health.

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