EGPI Firecreek Inc. today announced the signing of a letter of intent to acquire a privately-owned signalization, intelligent traffic systems and lighting company based in Florida that services the southeast United States.

This Florida-based company is engaged in all facets of the Department of Transportation (DOT) construction industry. Over the last nine years, they have created and managed an experienced group of personnel that specialize in signalization, lighting, signing and intelligent traffic systems. The company also has experience working with private and public entities including many large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Lowes and Home Depot, along with several private developers, as well as city, county and state governments.

This acquisition meets EGPI Firecreek’s long-term strategic plans and objectives. The company is aiming to build vertical growth and diversified revenue streams through the acquisition of similar companies that are related in the deployment and sales of intelligent traffic systems throughout the southeastern parts of the United States. Along those lines, EGPI Firecreek recently announced the signing of a binding letter of intent to acquire South Atlantic Traffic Corporation.

Chairman and CEO of EGPI Firecreek, Dennis Alexander, spoke about these two pending acquisitions. He said, “Whereas many businesses have had to consolidate and cut their revenue base, we have strategically placed ourselves in a position where we now have the potential and ability to show exponential growth, strong revenue streams and diversification in the marketplace. We look forward to finalizing these two acquisitions expeditiously and adding their current revenues and proforma numbers to our balance sheet.”