Eguchi Aimi: The World’s First Computer-Generated Pop Star

Pop music has not entered the realm of virtual reality.

Eguchi Aimi is a pop star that does not really exist. Rather, Eguchi is a computer-generated singer who is actually a conglomeration of the six members of the popular Japanese singing group AKB-48.

The computer selected the most attractive physical features of the group’s members – including the hair and body of member Yuko Oshima, the face of Takahashi Minami, the eyes of Maeda Atsuko's eyes, the eyebrows of Watanabe Mayu, the nose of Itano Tomomi's and the mouth of Shinoda Mariko.

Reportedly, the group’s managers tried to convince the Japanese public that the Eguchi was a real person – even creating a fake profile of her on the band’s website. But fans were not fooled.