Ekaterina Rybolovleva is one lucky 22-year-old. Her father Dmitriy Rybolovlev just bought her a 6,744-sq-ft apartment near Central Park for $88 million in November.

And get this: the apartment will not even be her full-time residence; she only plans to use it when she is visiting New York away from her residence in Monaco and Switzerland.

In buying her daughter the apartment, Russian billionaire Rybolovlev set the record for the highest individual transaction in New York City, according to Forbes.

So how much money does Dmitry Rybolovlev have?

In March 2011, Forbes estimates that Dmitry Rybolovlev is worth $9.5 billion.

Rybolovlev is a self-made man. He started a medical company with his father in 1990, according to Forbes.

Then, he began buying up shares of companies and by 1995 gained control of Uralkali, Russia's largest potassium fertilizer producer. The company's export arm accounts for accounts for 30 per cent of global potash sales, according to Financial Times.

In 2007, the company went public on the London Stock Exchange. In 2010, Rybolovlev sold his controlling stake in Uralkali to three other Russian investors for an undisclosed amount, according to Financial Times.

Rybolovlev's purchase for his 22-year-old daughter isn't the first time he made a big splash in the U.S. real estate market. In 2008, he bought Donald Trump's Pam Beach mansion for $100 million, according to Forbes.