Ekaterina Rybolovleva made headlines around the country, particularly in New York City, after news broke that the Russian heiress dropped $88 million on a 6,744-square foot apartment at 15 Central Park West.

The 22-year-old is the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovleva, whose wealth comes from the sale of his stake in Uralkali, a fertilizer business, for $6.5 billion in 2010, according to Forbes. He was previously known in U.S. real estate circles for purchasing Donald Trump's Palm Beach mansion, Maison de L'Amitie, in May 2008. He paid for the $95 million pad in cash.

Despite how rare Ekaterina's story may seem, she is not the only billionaire heiress living in an $80 million home.

Petra Ecclestone, the 23-year-old daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, 81, the British Formula 1 racing mogul, purchased Candy Spelling's Los Angeles mansion in July for $85 million cash.The home flaunts 123 rooms. 

Born just months apart, and with seemingly identical lives, Ekaterina and Petra actually live worlds apart. And it is not just distance that separates them. The two young women could not be any more dissimilar.

After paying the full asking price, Rybolovleva might have set the record for the highest individual transaction in New York City's history, but she is no socialite. The young blonde lives largely out of the spotlight. In fact, no one really knew anything about her until this week.

Ekaterina is a competitive equestrian and purchased the NYC apartment because she is attending university in the states. This university had been undisclosed, until The New York Post reported that she is enrolled at Harvard. Despite her pricey pad and degree, Ekaterina made just $2,370 in equestrian competition wins last year. Her money comes from her inheritance. 

She sports a casual, girl-next-door look and few photographs of her exist. Born in Russia, Ekaterina has divided her time between Monaco and Switzerland for the past 15 years, according to The Daily News.

Petra, on the other hand, puts Paris Hilton to shame. The 23-year-old F1 heiress loves life in the spotlight. She wears designer labels, travels by helicopter, drives a Bentley and is rumored to have a steep collection of Hermes Birkin bags costing around $50,000 each.

The blonde bombshell was born in London and lived there until she moved into the Spelling mansion in California, which boasts a bowling alley, swimming pool, tennis courts, 14 bedrooms and acres of lawns.

In a recent photo spread for Flaunt magazine, Petra chomps on a wad of $100 bills with a glossy red pout.

With time, people will get to know the real me and realize that I'm not going to parties and falling out of my dress and getting drunk and all that, she told the magazine.

I realize I am very privileged. But there's a difference between being spoiled and privileged.

Petra got married in August in Italy and it has been reported that her father spent close to $20 million on the nuptials.