Nobel Peace laureate, Mohamed ElBaradei took a stand in Tahrir, or Liberation Square on Sunday calling for the ruling Mubarak regime to resign.

Fragments of the opposition group including the Muslim Brotherhood have grouped behind ElBaradei chanting the unified slogan leave.

You are the owners of this revolution. You are the future, the Associated Press quoted ElBaradei addressing the crowd after nightfall. Our essential demand is the departure of the regime and the beginning of a new Egypt in which every Egyptian lives in virtue, freedom and dignity.

The former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, ElBaradei has steered the association that organized the protests to pressurize the regime to quit.

In a recent Twitter post, the prominent democracy advocate stated that Regime violence will backfire badly. We shall continue to exercise our right of peaceful demonstration and restore our freedom & dignity.

Although ElBaradei has gained a following among the activists in Egypt, some are still skeptical about his interests. They feel that he does not understand the true implication of the situation that the country is currently facing. Nevertheless, the Muslim Brotherhood is willing to allow him take a prominent role in the revolution to attain common goals.