The launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is just a few days away and gamers couldn't be more excited. If there is any proof needed just check out this Skyrim rap posted on YouTube by Dan Bull:

Dan Bull's YouTube channel might be worth checking out for video game fans and geeks alike. He does some pretty catchy and funny songs, one about the Grand Theft Auto V trailer, and some nerds will appreciate his Star Trek related rap.

Skyrim is the latest installment in the fantasy role playing game franchise The Elder Scrolls. It's known for the sheer amount of freedom it gives players. The games offer huge open worlds, and players can choose to be any one of a number of mystical races, along with a warrior, rogue or magician and many variants in between. Players are free to follow the game's main quest or simply wander around the countryside looking for side quests or dungeons to explore.

Skyrim will focus much more on dragons this time. In the game, the player is the last of the dragonborn, a bloodline with a mystical connection to dragons. Players will be able to speak the language of dragons, giving them the ability to cast powerful spells called Dragon Shouts. They can also slay dragons to power up these shouts.

The game has also been named one of the most engaging games for fans. As reported by Gamasutra, market research firm Ipsos said Skyrim tops the charts of a new measure of Franchise Engagement, in a recent survey. About 19.2 percent of the people surveyed by the study heard about the game, and 56 percent of those people said they will buy it. To put that in context, about 41 percent heard about Madden NFL 12, about 44 percent of those who heard of it said they would buy the game. So even though not as many people have heard about the game, most of those who have heard about it, want the game.  

With a die-hard fan base ready to devour the game like horde of hungry dragons, we can see Skyrim just on the horizon. The game launches Nov. 11.