An 80-year-old man who did not trust banks and kept his life savings of $13,000, in cash, sewn into the lining of one of his suits, has been dealt a harsh blow after accidentally donating his suit to a Goodwill Industries store in Moline, Ill.

When informed of the situation, Goodwill employees across eastern Iowa and western Illinois began searching for the suit, without little success so far. Goodwill spokeswoman Dana Engelbert said the charity had searched the Moline store but could not find the suit in question.

We have a network of 14 stores spread far and wide across our territory. We have a great staff who wants to help, said Engelbert, We very much want to find this money.

We're hoping it's still there and we can find it for them, Engelbert added, It's their life savings. It's important.

The senior citizen, who has remained anonymous because, according to his daughter, he is devastated and embarrassed by the story, has appealed for the return of the money so that he can care for his wife, who has stage four cancer.

A $1,000 reward is being offered to anyone who can return the money and anyone else who knows anything about the suit is being asked to contact their local Goodwill store.