Electric Car Company, Inc., a vehicle conversion company that specializes in electric conversion and manufacturing for the livery and fleet markets including corporate VIP, Party Buses, Municipal Buses and Delivery Vehicles, announced today that they have entered into a Letter of Intent (LOI) Agreement with Liberty Electric Cars, USA LLC. The Joint Venture is designed to combine the expertise and talent of both companies to produce zero emission electric vehicles and is subject to the execution of a definitive agreement.

The main focus of the electric vehicle push within the industry has been tailored towards small city cars. The partnership of Electric Car Company and Liberty Electric will be focused on large, luxury 4×4 vehicles such as the Range Rover using Liberty’s proprietary electric power train technology. This technology replaces the entire internal combustion drive train with an electric power system by using four on-board motors powered by a revolutionary energy storage system. The system provides power never seen before in the electric 4×4 sector with performance of 0-60 miles per hour in less than six seconds and top speeds in excess of 100 mph being possible. Electric Vehicle’s conversion center in Springfield, MO will be the initial location for the partnership to commence with plans of expansion to develop more conversion centers throughout the United States planned to be executed through both franchised and a company-owned basis in the future.

Electric Car Company Chief Executive Officer, Gary Spaniak, commented on the partnership, “By signing a letter of intent with Liberty Electric Cars, we are able to utilize the most innovative electric vehicle technologies available for sophisticated, luxury 4×4 vehicles in the so called light-duty truck sector.” Mr. Spaniak continues by stating, “We are incredibly excited about this new venture and feel that as a combined force we can offer products that will revolutionize the market for luxury and large 4×4s, providing for the first time ever, a real alternative to the old and dirty internal combustion engine.”

Based in Oxford, United Kingdom, with offices in Chicago, IL, Liberty Electric Cars (www.liberty-ecars.com) has invested in the re-engineering of both new and used large, luxury vehicles into 100% emission-free electric cars. Ian Hobday, Managing Director of Liberty, stated, “The new partnership with ECC is very important to Liberty Electric Cars. It allows us to use our proprietary and patented technology to convert cars for the U.S. market according to American standards in the very modern and high-tech facilities provided by ECC.” Mr. Hobday continued, “With the world’s first pure electric luxury 4×4, the Liberty E-Range, about to launch in the UK; the development of a fun, 100% electric, beach buggy-style vehicle (bug “e”) for the U.S. market, and the announcement of the ECC partnership, we are at a very exciting stage in the company’s growth and we are all looking forward to what the future holds.”