Electronic Game Card, Inc. announced that it has signed an Exclusive Sales Representative Agreement with the FMM-The Moscoe Group to sell EGC Interactive Entertainment and Education “Know-it-All QuizCards(TM)” and “iQuizCards(TM)” branded cards. A 52-year business partner with leading mass market retail clients across America, the FMM-The Moscoe Group has a team of retail professionals who have decades of retail experience.

“This new sales relationship offers EGC access to some of the most formidable retail sales professionals with developed and efficient retailer buyer relationships in the world. Through FMM-The Moscoe Group’s exemplary reputation with its partners, EGC has an immediate opportunity to gain access to high level national big brand distribution of our new interactive trivia based QuizCards into some of the best known retailers in the world. The six leading retailers included in this agreement are all household names across the US and Canada totaling approximately 19,000 retail store locations,” commented Kevin Donovan, CEO of Electronic Game Card, Inc.”

Mr. Donovan continued, “The relationship allows EGC to maintain low overhead while accessing a highly respected team of national sales and distribution experts. The knowledge and relationships gained through this agreement will help EGC to successfully launch the first, of many, new proprietary product lines that will continue to increase the reach, product diversity and revenue of the company.”