Elephant Talk Communications, Inc. provides business software and services to the telecommunications and financial services industry, both in the U.S. and Internationally. The company enables mobile carriers and virtual operators to offer a full suite of products, delivery platforms, support services, superior industry expertise and high quality customer service without substantial upfront investments from clients.

Elephant Talk offers various dynamic products that include remote health care, credit card fraud prevention, mobile internet ID security, multi-country discounted phone services, loyalty management services, and a whole range of other emerging customized mobile services. The company platform enables B-2-B customers to operate cost efficiently as an independent global telecom and multimedia distribution organization.

Elephant Talk’s network consists of fixed-line telecommunications licenses, mobile access agreements and network interconnections. The company’s geographical cross-border footprint, established through existing relationships with national telecom incumbents, is especially well-positioned for international traffic. Elephant Talk has established its own facilities-based infrastructure in four continents.