Elin Nordegren's new boyfriend in 2011 is Jamie Dingman, a financier in the empire of his billionaire father Michael Dingman.

New York Post broke the story and is the source of most of the information on Jamie Dingman.  Sources told the Post that he:

- Met Nordegren last January at the Red Cross Ball

- Owned an Indy-car racing team affiliated with Queen Silvia of Sweden

- Was falsely romantically linked to Princess Madeleine of Sweden (they're just friends)

- Lives in China and the Bahamas

- Recently spent time with Elin in Florida and Sweden

- Represents his father's investment interests in China

A source told the Post that he's never been so happy. He and Elin have strong feelings for each other. He's a classic all-American guy. He's handsome, a total gentleman and low-key. He's never been in the press. Elin's a very lucky girl; he's a great guy but very private.

Jamie Dingman's billionaire father, Michael Dingman, is a Wall Street veteran and consummate dealmaker.

He got started at Drexel Burnham, co-founded Equity Corp, and parlayed his fortune into Shipston Group. 

His investment philosophy is buy companies at a discount in depressed markets, spruce them up, wait for the market to bounce back, then sell or spin them off at a handsome profit, according to this Fortune article