Time to update his Facebook relationship status; Al Gore has a new girlfriend.

Former vice president Gore, 64, is dating serious girlfriend Elizabeth Keadle, according to the Washington Post, who reported on Friday about the 50-something-year-old donor from Southern Calif.

It is unclear when the couple officially began dating, but Keadle and Gore reportedly travelled together to Antarctica in January on his global warming and climate change campaign. The Post said the duo joined celebrities like Richard Brandon and Tommy Lee Jones to raise awareness for the cause championed by Gore.

However, neither Keadle nor Gore has commented on the report that originated in the Washington Post.

Gore separated from his wife Tipper in 2010 after over 40 years of marriage and four children. The announcement of a new girlfriend comes just two years after their split with no reports about a coming divorce.

So who exactly is this new woman who stole the heart of the former VP?

Keadle, who goes by Liz, is a donor for the Democratic party, an avid horsewoman and resident of Rancho Santa Fe, Calif. just outside of San Diego. The Washington Post reported that Keadle has a background in science and a devotion to environmental causes that fits in line with Al Gore. She was previously married to a biotech entrepreneur named Lyle Turner.

So is Elizabeth Keadle a perfect match for Al Gore? The Washington Post seems to think so, adding Keadle is independently wealthy, discreet, age-appropriate. All good things, if you're one of the most famous men in the world.