Elizabeth Taylor sure knew how to love with passion.

She also wasn't afraid to express it through love letters written to her first of many husbands, William Pawley.

According to the Associated Press, RR Auctions, which is based in Amherst, New Hampshire, bought the letters two years ago from Pawley, who was then a 22 year-old son of a former ambassador to Brazil. When Taylor wrote them, she was 17 years old.

The letters Taylor wrote were in purple ink and some on pink paper. The letters were sent around the time the couple was engaged in 1949. This was also shortly before the late actress married another man.

I've never loved anyone in my life before one third as much as I love you - and I never will.

Taylor was married eight times

There are a total of sixty letters which will be auctioned off from May 19-26. The estimated worth of the letters is approximately $100,000.