Canadian-American entrepreneur Elon Musk is filled with joy to learn that SpaceX, his rocket startup company, conquered a $6 million California lawsuit Wednesday against a former employee. According to Law360, the employee claimed to be "wrongfully fired" in the lawsuit.

On Twitter, a user tweeted at Musk to congratulate him for winning this "hard thought piece of litigation."

"Thanks :) Such an outrageous lawsuit," Musk responded on Twitter Wednesday. "People sometimes underestimate strength of US judiciary. Lot of respect for the judge & jury system."

The lawsuit Musk was referring to was settled Wednesday by a group of Los Angeles jurors. In the case, former employee Jason Blasdell sued the Hawthorne, California-based space-tech company because of a disagreement regarding his performance on the job. Blasdell asserted that he only lost the job "in retaliation for his taking his concern about improper testing procedures," according to Bloomberg.

These concerns were apparently voiced to Blasdell's supervisors, the chief operating officer, and Musk.

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Carney Shegerian, Blasdell's attorney, made a final argument to the jury on Tuesday regarding her client's desire for SpaceX to follow the law. She claimed that Blasdell was someone who "tried to do the right thing" and it ultimately cost him his "dream job," Law360 noted. 

According to Bloomberg, Blasdell never openly voiced his concerns of improper testing procedures with any of the company's higher-ups. Instead, he was eventually terminated since "he had become disruptive and his co-workers were concerned about their safety."

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To help Musk celebrate this major milestone for SpaceX, Twitter naturally chimed in to discuss the news.

Now that the past is behind Musk, he can continue to work alongside SpaceX on more important tasks, including a newly acquired contract to create a secret Air Force plane for space. 

On Wednesday, it was announced that SpaceX would launch the unmanned space plane in late 2017. According to CNN, the Air Force's decision to go with SpaceX created a transition in power within the industry because it "edged out United Launch Alliance." ULA initially had control over a majority of the US' military launches. 

Nonetheless, SpaceX continues to soar on.