Global exploration and mining company Elray Resources, Inc. confirmed yesterday that the infrastructure needed for its aggressive development of the Picacho property in southeastern Ecuador is finally in place.

The company stated that four-wheel drive vehicles can now fully access the Picacho area in less than three hours from Machala, the regional capital. With its convenient location to Machala, Guayaquil and Puerto Bolivar, the site now has access to the country’s largest cities and one of the world’s largest shipment points and deep-sea ports.

The region has a good electrical grid in place with high voltage lines within range of the development. In addition, there are sufficient water resources with the nearby Amarillo and Calera rivers being able to supply project needs.

“Good quality infrastructure such as we have around Picacho significantly decreases the costs associated with both exploration and going into production,” commented Mr. Barry Lucas, Elray’s Executive Chairman. “Project viability is hugely influenced by the quality of infrastructure, and we are happy to report Picacho and surrounding areas are very well served.”