Wow, I was taken aback by this story in Bloomberg - it's been a great week for quotes. [Walmart Executive: There are Families Not Eating at the End of the Month]

One theme I was stressing about 5000 posts ago in 2007 was everyone cheers our political leadership when they do nothing... they basically offset each other, and are neutered.  Our expectation level for our representatives is so low ... all we hope for is they offset each other and do no more damage... that's what is has come to.  (pathetic)  That shows you how damaging they are to the country... I was saying back then it had reached a point where not only were (a) our political leaders not helping us nor (b) doing such a bad job that they were neutral ... but indeed (c) now had reached the point that they were like tire spikes in the road.

Glad to hear a CEO say the UNpolitically correct thing.  Thankfully he did not single out one party versus the other or else the extremists on both sides would begin the it's all their fault finger pointing.  Kudos Mr. Farr - I can at least respect someone who is taking away US jobs but has the courage to explain (partially) why they are doing it.

Not to worry readers... surely more healthcare and government jobs will replace these jobs too.  Because money to pay from those jobs comes from the heavens.  No need to manufacture anything in the US... well, 1 thing.  More fiat paper currency. P-cubed.

Via Bloomberg:

  • Emerson Electric Co. Chief Executive Officer David Farr said the U.S. government is hurting manufacturers with regulation and taxes and his company will continue to focus on growth overseas. 
  • Washington is doing everything in their manpower, capability, to destroy U.S. manufacturing,” Farr said today in Chicago at a Baird Industrial Outlook conference. “Cap and trade, medical reform, labor rules.” 

My suggestion to Mr. Farr is to turn into a bank holding company, and grow to the size that Emerson becomes too big to fail.  Then every person in America shall be sacrificed so his company could turn a profit as long as 1 single light bulb is on.  Manufacturing?  So 1960s!  No need for it in the new paradigm finance based, daytrading homes economy.

  • Emerson, the maker of electrical equipment and InSinkErator garbage disposals with $20.9 billion in sales for the year ended September, will keep expanding in emerging markets, which represented 32 percent of revenue in 2009. 
  • About 36 percent of manufacturing is now in “best-cost countries” up from 21 percent in 2003, according to a slides accompanying his speech. 

Things like that dismay me... but I am told by trickle down economists it's a great thing.  Because one day the people in best-cost countries will buy things from America.  Even though we won't have any manufacturing by that point. 

Solution?  Destroy the dollar.

  • Farr, in his presentation, also said manufacturers are being hurt by taxes and regulation. He said companies will create jobs in India and China, “places where people want the products and where the governments welcome you to actually do something.” 

Again, just in the wrong industry.  As long as you do something involving financial innovation Washington wants you... they need you.  (specifically your lobbyist dollars)  Health insurer also works if you can't get that bank license.

  • Emerson has shed more than 20,000 jobs since the end of 2008 to lower expenses. “What do you think I am going to do?” Farr asked. “I’m not going to hire anybody in the United States. I’m moving. They are doing everything possible to destroy jobs.” 

Again, a lot of this is structural in a flattening globe... there is no changing it.  But certainly our political leadership is helping to accelerate trends, not allowing the country time to adjust, innovate, build replacement industries.  Encouraging spending & speculating... while punishing savers.  A recipe for prosperity in anyone's book!

Oh well, I read today JPMorgan wants to hire 1200 new mortgage brokers - back to the 2003-2006 bubble we go.  Because that's sustainable and healthy!