Model turned actress Emily Ratajkowski, who started her career by appearing in Robin Thicke's “Blurred Lines” music video, is very supportive of supermodel Cara Delevingne, who announced her decision to quit modeling for a career in acting.

"I think every experience is different," Ratajkowski told ET Online in a new interview. The 23-year-old actress understands why her peer has decided to say goodbye to her extremely successful modeling career.

"Definitely, I feel like acting is much more creatively fulfilling and I think Cara is very creative person, as am I, and so, we want more," she added.

Ratajkowski portrayed Ben Affleck's girlfriend in “Gone Girl” and was then seen in “Entourage.” She will also star in a lead role in “We Are Your Friends,” alongside Zac Efron. Ratajkowski, however, sees a lot of similarities between the modeling world and the movie world. 

"Some of the best parts about modeling are having the same kind of relationships that I have with Max [Joseph], my director, as I would have with a photographer," she said, adding that both industries put pressure on women to “stay fit” and look good.

However, “Paper Towns” actress Delevingne feels that the amount of pressure to look good is too much on the models. In her recent interview with The Times Magazine, Delevingne said that she was also subjected to sexual harassment as a young model. There were times when she found it extremely difficult to say no to certain nude assignments.

"I am a bit of a feminist and it makes me feel sick," the 23-year-old revealed of her experience working as a model. "It's horrible and it's disgusting. You start when you are really young and ... you get subjected to ... not great stuff."

Delevingne has received great reviews for her work in “Paper Towns” and will next act opposite Jared Leto in “Suicide Squad.”