“Gangster Squad” actress Emma Stone appeared on the cover of W magazine the same week the celebrity-studded film hit theaters across the nation.

Stone was rumored to have been drunk during last year's Academy Awards ceremony, but the star refuted that claim in the latest issue of W magazine.  

The actress might be Hollywood’s sweetheart of the moment, but she had some thinking that she had slugged back one too many drinks before presenting an Oscar award with Ben Stiller last year.

"A lot of people thought it was something else: When I came offstage, they were saying, ‘You were so drunk!' And I wasn't. Not until after," Stone told the magazine.

The 24-year-old actress, who plays Grace Faraday in “Gangster Squad,” also dished on the “pretty demanding” undergarments she wore for her role depicting a glamorous 1940s woman who falls in love with a gangster.

When asked if the costume requirements were difficult for the role she said:

"It's time-consuming to put on a bustier and a little corset every day. But you're immediately more poised than you would be in modern-day clothes. And it makes it easy to get into character."

But Stone didn’t just comment about her own movie, she also opened up about one of her favorites.

She told the magazine:

"The end of ‘City Lights’ makes me cry every time I see it -- when Charlie Chaplin walks by the shop window and the once-blind girl brings him a flower and pins it to his lapel," Stone said. "She's always thought that he was a millionaire, but he was really a tramp. She feels his hand and says, ‘You?' And he nods. He says, ‘You can see now?' And she says, ‘Yes, I can see now.' They cut back to his face, and he lights up like you've never seen. That last line -- ‘Yes, I can see now' -- has so many meanings. It's echoed in every great romantic movie since then and in every great moment of life."

The Hollywood starlet appeared in the magazine as one of the 32 actors featured in the “Best Performance” issue.