The 2014 Primetime Emmy Awards got a little steamy Monday night. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the award for outstanding lead actress in a comedy for “Veep, but before she could hit the stage to accept, she was pulled in for a hot lip lock with “Breaking Bad” actor Bryan Cranston. But how did the two even get to that point? It’s all due to a funny dialogue in which they engaged while presenting outstanding lead actor in a comedy series.

Louis-Dreyfus and Cranston hit the stage to announce the winner for outstanding lead actor in a comedy; however, the “Veep” star wanted to talk about “Breaking Bad” first -- after calling him out for looking like Hollywood film legend Clark Gable.

“So authentic,” she said of his performance, admitting she binge watched the AMC series. “So raw. It’s just riveting in every way.”

The actress then changed the subject to something that’s really been bothering her: the fact that Bryan Cranston looks “so much” like the actor who played the dentist her character Elaine dated in “Seinfeld.”

“Tim Whatley?” Cranston questioned her.

Tim Whatley, of course, was played by the “Breaking Bad” actor. “We actually had a kissing scene together,” he told Julia Louis-Dreyfus. But the actress shrugged it off.

However, she definitely remembered after Bryan Cranston grabbed her for a kiss before accepting her award.

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