Shares of Empire Energy Corporation are currently trading at $0.039 a share, higher by $0.016 or 69.57%. Turnover in Empire Energy is heavy with large volume of nearly 5.5 million shares which is well in excess of the average daily volume of a little over 200,000 shares. Empire Energy was highlighted recently, on August 28th, at a price of $0.025 per share in QualityStocks’ FREE Daily Newsletter, which focuses on small-cap and micro-cap companies.

Empire Energy is a small international oil and gas exploration company who is currently focused on exploring Tasmania’s central and northern basins. Recent news indicated that the company’s seismic work has potentially discovered oil resources in the basins of roughly 668 million barrels. If this oil can be produced and sold at today’s oil prices, it could mean total revenues for the company of $45 billion.

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